Fish Fossil Mural Diplomystus, Pharedous, and Knightia 42"


 This is a breathtaking prehistoric fossil fish slab with a six beautiful fish. A sizeable Phareodus and Diplomystus are aesthetically centred in this impressive shale slab, surrounded by three smaller Diplomystus and one Knightia.

These fish swam in ancient Eocene lakes in Wyoming, USA, 50 million years ago. They were discovered in the famous Green River Formation, which is known to produce some of the most spectacular vertebrate fossils. Interestingly, predatory Phareodus and Diplomystus have even been found with small Knightia preserved in their mouths!

Phareodus is one of the rarer types of fish found in the Green River Formation and this is a prime example of the species.

It took countless hours of painstaking work by a professional fossil preparator to reveal the fine bones of these fossil fish from the stone. Surely, it was worth the effort to bring these ancient fish to life!

An exceptional, museum quality piece.

The slab of stone measures 42 x 33 x 6.7 inches / 107 x 84 x 7 cm. The three largest fish measure 16, 13.5 and 8.5 inches respectively. Weighs approximately 100 lbs / 45 kg.

The slab is ready to hang flush on a wall with a French cleat system (materials included) and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

Note: The larger Diplomystus has been inset. All other fish are naturally preserved in association.