Earth & Sky 2 in 1 Exploration


 The Earth & Sky 2 in 1 Exploration Globe is a 10-inch illuminated kids desktop globe featuring a political world view (off) & night sky view (on).  Kids will love the dual map cartography featured on this globe!  When the globe is illuminated see 100’s of nighttime stars and illustrated and labeled constellations shown throughout the globe, and when not illuminated see up-to-date political locations, borders, and geographic points of reference. This globe includes a sturdy acrylic base and numbered semi-meridian indicating the number of degrees north or south of the equator a point of interest is located.  Excellent globe for kids room with clear easy to read cartography.  Also makes a great night light!  The cord exits the globe at attachment between globe and meridian at the south pole and includes an inline switch to easily turn the globe on and off.
Made in United States