Create Your Own Amber-Spider Fossil


Complete Set: This Little Chubby One kit comes complete with crystal glue, a silicone mold, measuring cup, pigment, necklace rope, plastic bug, color cup, waterproof mat, waterproof gloves and crafting tools so little ones can create a spider fossil. 

Spider Fossil: Equipped with easy-to-follow instructions, children will love making a spider fossil necklace by mixing the crystal glue, pouring it into the silicone mold, and then adding decorations to create their own unique fossil. 

Clean Fun: Enjoy easy, safe and clean fun with Little Chubby One’s DIY Craft. Non-toxic for safe use, the crystal glue kit also comes with a waterproof mat and gloves to keep your furniture and hands clean at all times. Perfect Activity: Inspiring a love in the fields of art and science while improving concentration and imagination, Little Chubby One’s Crystal Spider Fossil kit is a perfect activity for rainy days. Children can get creative in an exciting way!