TEAhistoric Park Dino Sampler


Love dinosaurs, want to drink something healthy and kid-friendly (no caffeine). Then we have the perfect teas for you!  20pk Cube - In a 100% recycled plastic gift cube. 100pk Bulk - in a zipper bag. 

 Each tea pack contains a sampling of:  

 TEArannosaurus: Ingredients: Cinnamon*, ginger*, licorice root*, rooibos* and natural flavor. (*Organic) 

TEAceratops: Ingredients: Chamomile*, dried lychee powder*, lemongrass*, licorice root* and natural flavor. (*Organic)  

pTEAsaurus:  Ingredients: Peppermint*, cinnamon*,  orange peel*, cloves* and natural flavor. (*Organic)  * Certified Organic, KSA Kosher, Non-GMO, Wheat Free, Vegan