Ferrofluid Venom

  • Ferrofluid is the astonishing liquid that becomes highly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field.Comprised of nano-scale magnetic particles suspended in a transparent liquid, undisturbed ferrofluid forms into a smooth pool. But when a magnet is brought close, ferrofluid reacts in strange and fascinating ways.
  • With this amazing magnetic fluid, you can safely and easily play with it using the two included neodymium magnets. You can spike, toss, drop, pull, and bridge the ferrofluid. You can even make it dance.This Ferrofluid in a Bottle makes a great interactive display that will look awesome on your desk or coffee table. Everyone will enjoy playing with it.
  • Don’t leave it in extreme temperature environments. Heat-expansion and cold-contraction caused by large temperature difference will damage the item.